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Skyfishing: (A Grand Tale with Grandpa)

Skyfishing: (A Grand Tale with Grandpa)

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Skyfishing: (A Grand Tale with Grandpa) Hardcover – April 11, 2017

by Gideon Sterer (Author), Poly Bernatene  (Illustrator)

When Grandpa—a fishing connoisseur—moves to the city to live with his family, it doesn’t take him long to notice that there is nowhere to fish. Unfazed, his granddaughter proposes they pretend to fish out a window . . . until they actually catch something: a Flying Litterfish! Soon the two are catching all kinds of fish: Laundry Eels and Signfish, a Constructionfish and a Waste-muncher. It’s all in good fun, until the skyfishing attracts the attention of the Troublefish (read: police car). This might be the end of their skyfishing, but it’s just the beginning of their new friendship. Skyfishing is an imaginative debut picture book that celebrates the magic of companionship.