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Perfectly Norman (Big Bright Feelings)

Perfectly Norman (Big Bright Feelings)

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Perfectly Norman (Big Bright Feelings) Hardcover – Picture Book, May 1, 2018

by Tom Percival  (Author)

This empowering title in the Big Bright Feelings series is about embracing and celebrating what makes you unique.

Norman had always been perfectly normal . . . until one day, he grows a pair of wings! Afraid of what people will think, Norman covers them up with a big coat. Can Norman find the courage to be himself?

While we all might feel afraid about standing out, Perfectly Norman shows that there's nothing better than being yourself!

The Big Bright Feelings picture books provide kid-friendly entry points into emotional intelligence topics--from being true to yourself, to worrying, to anger management, to making friends. These topics can be difficult to talk about. But these books act as sensitive and reassuring springboards for conversations about mental and emotional health, positive self-image, building self-confidence, and managing feelings.

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