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Ninja Bunny: Sister Vs. Brother

Ninja Bunny: Sister Vs. Brother

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Ninja Bunny: Sister vs. Brother Hardcover – September 13, 2016

by Jennifer Gray Olson (Author)

A hilarious new Ninja Bunny adventure featuring a humongous carrot, sibling rivalry, and a pair of ninjas who make a super awesome team.
Ninja Bunny has faced incredible danger! He has demonstrated all the skills of a super awesome ninja: impressive strength, amazing bravery, extreme sneakiness!
But when he embarks on a new mission to find the Golden Carrot of Awesomeness, he meets his biggest challenge yet—his annoying little sister! She insists on tagging along, and she insists that she is a ninja bunny, too. Not possible. Will she ruin Ninja Bunny’s chance at finding the world’s largest carrot? Or might she actually possess a few ninja skills of her own?
Praise for Ninja Bunny:
“Sweetly humorous fun for readers working on their own ‘hi-yahs.’” —Publishers Weekly
“Gorgeous illustrations. . . . Ninja Bunny is sure to delight young warriors of all stripes.” —New York Journal of Books