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My Little Half-Moon

My Little Half-Moon

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My Little Half-Moon Hardcover – May 2, 2017

by Douglas Todd Jennerich (Author), Kate Berube  (Illustrator)

A determined child goes the extra mile to try to cheer the lonely half moon
Have you ever looked up at the half-moon hiding in the night sky and thought it looked just the littlest bit lonely without its other half?
Imagine . . .
having no one to glow with
no one to play with
no one to share
how much you like puppies and big, fuzzy bears.
If you’re like this determined young child, you might stay up every night to keep the moon company. Maybe if you share your treats and toys and stories, you’ll cheer him up.
But the moon is very shy, so it might take some time. Still, if you’re very very patient, you just might make a new friend.