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Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast Mission Defrostable

Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast Mission Defrostable

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Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast Hardcover – September 1, 2015

by Josh Funk (Author), Brendan Kearney (Illustrator)

Our favorite breakfast food friends are back and all bready for their next adventure! Can they save the fridge before all the food is iced? It’s mission . . . defrostable.

“And now with the two of you out of the fold,

I’ve got my revenge and I’m serving it cold!”
Brrr! There’s a frost in the fridge—and it’s hardened Pudding Pond and frozen Yogurt Falls. Agent Asparagus is on the case, and she begs Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast to join her superspy team. But when the enemy snatches Asparagus, Pancake and French Toast have only one dough man to turn to for help: the evil Baron von Waffle! Will he help them save the fridge . . . or are they doomed to become frozen food?