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I Wish It Would Snow!

I Wish It Would Snow!

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I Wish It Would Snow! Hardcover – Picture Book, December 11, 2018

by Sarah Dillard (Author, Illustrator)

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! A little rabbit’s wish comes true when the world becomes a winter wonderland in this witty, wistful picture book from the author of Extraordinary Warren.

Winter has just begun, and one little bunny wants it to snow, hopes it will snow, and wishes it would snow. And, finally, the fluffy flakes begin to fall from the sky. First one flake at a time, then more and more until little bunny finds himself up to his ears in a blizzard and then—whoops!—he rolls downhill in a gigantic snowball, right through the front door of his treehouse. Home and cozy at last, he wakes up next morning and ready to play outside with his forest friends. Sledding down a snowy hill, his frolicking comes to an abrupt halt when he hits the grass! Oh, no! Now there’s not enough snow!