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Hocus Focus (Adventures in Cartooning)

Hocus Focus (Adventures in Cartooning)

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Hocus Focus (Adventures in Cartooning) Hardcover – January 24, 2017

by James Sturm (Author), Alexis Frederick-Frost  (Author), Andrew Arnold (Author)


All day long, the Knight peels turnips. This isn’t what she had in mind for her first magic lesson. She wants to make a magic potion, not soup! Things get a lot more exciting when she steals the wizard’s magic wand and spell book. Her potion transforms Edward into a giant worm―and he’s hungry!

Hocus Focus offers more sweet, goofy storytelling from the creators of Adventures in Cartooning. With simple how-to-draw tutorials on the endpapers, these cute picture books are a playful extension of the hit instructional series.