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Everybody's Favorite Book

Everybody's Favorite Book

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Everybody's Favorite Book Hardcover – October 30, 2018

by Mike Allegra  (Author), Claire Almon (Illustrator)

A slyly fun picture book for kids and adults alike!

Anyone who says, “You can’t please everybody,” isn’t trying hard enough. At least, that’s what the cheeky narrator of this meta picture book thinks!

A "good" book may have a spaceman or a ninja or a cowboy, but Everybody’s Favorite Book has something better: a Space Ninja Cow. And that’s only the beginning. You like princesses? We got ‘em. Prefer a mystery? No sweat. Want the definition of "gallimaufry"? A good poop joke? A giant, carnivorous guinea pig? Check, check and check. And there's more! Much more! This book has everything, for everybody!

Here’s hoping things don’t go awry. (Spoiler, they do.)

An Imprint Book

“Silliness abounds as the energy level on each increasingly crowded page ramps up... cheerfully chaotic.” ―Kirkus