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This Is MY Room!: (No Tigers Allowed)

This Is MY Room!: (No Tigers Allowed)

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This Is MY Room!: (No Tigers Allowed) Hardcover – Picture Book, May 28, 2019 

by Jennifer Richard Jacobson  (Author), Alexandria Neonakis (Illustrator)

Jojo’s ready for her first night all alone in her very own room, but a menagerie of animals have other ideas in this charming and fun picture book.

Jojo can’t wait to spend the night in her very own bed in her very own room. She doesn’t care what her big sister Margaret says, she’s NOT afraid and she WON’T be back to the bedroom they used to share.

There’s just one problem though—there are intruders in her new room! A lion, a bear, and a very persistent tiger seem to think this is THEIR room, not Jojo’s. Is Margaret right? Is Jojo not quite ready to spend the night on her own? Or can Jojo find a way to show that trespassing tiger just who’s boss in HER room?