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At the Stroke of Goodnight

At the Stroke of Goodnight

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At the Stroke of Goodnight Hardcover – Picture Book, August 1, 2019

by Clay Rice (Author, Illustrator)

Reminiscent of Susan Marie Swanson's The House in the Night, world-renowned paper-cut artist Clay Rice weaves a poetic scene of what happens around a small farmhouse as night falls.

A dreaming dog. A purring cat. A bird on a limb. A mouse on a mat. The evening glows in the twilight. And all falls quiet at the stroke of goodnight.

A baby coos; a mommy sighs. Little ones tucked in, with dreams in their eyes. A gentle hand turns out the light. And all is quiet at the stroke of goodnight.

A perfect bedtime story that gently and beautifully depicts a busy world settling in for a warm night's sleep.