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A Book for Benny (Sam & Benny)

A Book for Benny (Sam & Benny)

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A Book for Benny (Sam & Benny) Hardcover – Picture Book, October 16, 2017

by Judith Koppens (Author), Marja Meijer (Illustrator)

"Stories about going to the library on a rainy day are not new, but this one has a cunning will enjoy the playfulness and, no doubt, try reading to their own dogs." - Kirkus Reviews

It’s raining. No problem, because Sam is enjoying her book. Her little dog Benny doesn’t like reading. He wants to play. Sam tries to persuade Benny reading is fun. Would he like to have a different book perhaps? They go to the library together to find the right book for Benny.

A funny and endearing picture book about a girl and her dog, and about the joys of reading. For everyone ages 4 and up.



  • Guided Reading Level K